Soil Tests

The collective has conducted soil tests at various times for various purposes over the years. Early tests were for nutrient and pH levels. After the delivery of soil for the Site 1 B area showed a pH of 3, additional tests were done for nutrients and contaminants at all garden sites. In July 2013 the board decided that the site 2 new soil was unacceptable and would have to be replaced.The soil was removed in July and we are currently waiting for the test results on the replacement soil.

Soil sources; The gardens were all created at different times and in each case "soil" was purchased locally from a contractor. The contractors collect soil from various places as permitted by the city then do some or all of the following; screen rocks, add sand, clay and other amendments as appropriate for the intended purpose. Each source is therefor different and unique. Site 2 had some soil trucked in from Hay River. In all cases the soil was placed on whatever base material was present. Since these tests were done on an aggregate of plots, for established gardens the nutrient levels do not reflect any individual plot. For the new soil batches (Weledeh and Site 2 New) the nutrient levels are probably a good guide. In case of the Old Town garden, and possibly the Weledeh garden, the underlying base soils were tested and the locations deemed acceptable but the actual test results are not available. 

New soil was delivered to site 1b (Sample 6) in June 2013

Weledeh and Site 2 had 16 cu metres each of city compost delivered in the fall of 2012.The Site 2 compost is being stored in anticipation of new soil to be delivered for the city construction affected area.

New soil was delivered to Site 2 plots 29-41 (Sample 3) in 2012.(In July 2013 this soil was removed)

Weledeh had 150 bags of commercially prepared sheep and cow manure plus ash, fish, bone meal and blood meal added in the spring of 2012.

The Site 1b (pH of 3 soil) was removed by the contractor in the fall of 2012.

Soil from Site 2 plots 29-41 was moved to Site 1 plots 23-34 in 2011. 

Samples 1-5 were collected on Oct 8, 2012. Each sample was collected by removing several scoops of soil from under the surface from 10 locations randomly selected across the site. These were mixed and a sample removed for testing. No metal tools were used in the collection process. Sample 6 was taken by the contractor prior to delivery.

Sample 1 - Site 1, plots 1-22

Sample 2 - Site 1a, plots 23-34 (site 2 plots 23-28 and 42-45 are of the same sources) formerly site 2 soil 

Sample 3 - Site 2, plots 29-41, new soil, removed in July 2013

Sample 4 – Site 3, Old Town Garden 

Sample 5 – Site 4, Weledeh Garden

Sample 6 - Site 1b plots 35-45