Kam Lake Gardens

There are two garden sites at Kam Lake Road and Woolgar Avenue. Site 1 was YCGC's first garden, which was first planted in 1995. Site 2 was constructed later, and was first planted in 2001. Each site has a garden shed equipped with tools, a wheelbarrow, and watering cans. There were 22 plots at Site 1 and 23 plots at Site 2. Though the photo below show dimensions of 15m x 45m, Site 1 was actually 16.8m x 47.1 m for a total area of 791 m2. Site 1 has been expanded since that photo was taken. Each garden has a community Saskatoon Berry and rhubarb area and a gathering space with a picnic table. Watering is done by hand with water jugs from several watering stations. 

In 2011 the soil from 13 plots from Site 2 (#29-41) were moved to Site 1 outside the original chain link fence to accommodate city work. These plots are now part Site 1, plots 23-34. New soil was purchased to replace the gardening area at Site 2 bringing it back up to 23 plots for the 2014 garden season. A Community Berry Orchard has also been completed at Site 2 with a few berries being harvested in 2014.  MAny berries have been harvested since then.

The opportunity was taken to expand Site 1 during the disruption caused by the city work. Through the hard work and long hours donated by David Taylor and others this garden now has 46 plots available, 33 plots were available in 2012, a few more were available in 2013, 44 plots available for the 2014 garden season. This is now up to 47 plots and 5 watering stations in 2023.