$ Productivity Suggestions

Ways to improve Plot Productivity

1. Enrich the soil annually by adding compost / manure (2 " thick layer over the whole plot) and other organic materials that provide nutrients, micronutrients and improve soil structure and health.

note: soil pH should be between 6.5-7.5 to ensure nutrients available to the plants

2. . Extend the season - cover garden in spring and fall to protect from frost or grow cold tolerant veggies (root crops, kale, broccoli)


3. Weed early and frequently - Weeding early in the season and regularly before weeds bloom keeps weeds from seeding out and spreading. Vegetables grow fastest and produce the greatest yields if they don't have to compete with weeds and once plants grow bigger, they shade out the weeds.

4. Harvest when ready - leaving mature produce on the plant signals production shut down

5. Succession planting - plant vegetable crops at intervals for continuous harvest


6. Maximize use of space:

·      make a garden plan before planting - use pencil and graph paper or online garden planners

·      square foot or biointensive gardening = densely planting vegetables


·      vertical gardening - grow varieties that vine on trellises  (vining peas vs. bush peas)

·      interplanting – compatible combinations of plants (tomatoes, basil, and onions; leaf lettuce and

peas or brassicas; carrots, onions, and radishes)



Resources: Fertilizers, soil amendments and other gardening supplies can be purchased at Canadian Tire,  Arctic Farmer, Boreal Garden Centre, True Value, or Home Hardware or online at http://www.lindenbergseeds.ca/ or https://www.westcoastseeds.com/ or http://www.veseys.com/ca/en/

Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing

36 carrots

18 bush beans

9 onions

12 radishes

4 leaf lettuce

9 spinach

4 swiss chard

1 cabbage

2 broccoli

27 beets