Apply for a Plot

To Become a Garden Member and Apply for a Plot for the upcoming season, follow these instructions:
  1. Review the Garden Guidelines & Etiquette document to learn about your obligations as a community gardener.

  2. You can apply for a plot any time after Sept 1 of the previous year. Existing garden members are required to complete the on-line registration by Feb 28 to retain their existing plot for the coming summer. Payment should also be sent in before Feb 28. Note that your registration will be cancelled if payment is not received by March 31 of the garden season year.

    For new garden members payment is due March 31 or when you register if it is after that date.

  3. Decide on a location: Check our locations in the City and then pick your top choices when you are filling out your online registration and waiver form. If you wish to garden at the Weledeh Community Garden, you will need a criminal records check completed. There is no cost for this. Download the form and take it with you to the RCMP. Check the chart below that shows the current status of registrations. If you are a new gardener this will give you an idea if you are likely to get into the garden of your choice.

  4. Complete the online registration and waiver form. There is a minimum of two people per plot at $25 each. Both you and your garden partner must register separately using the online form, which now includes the waiver. If you don’t have a garden partner, we can find one for you. You can register any time after Sept 1st of the year before the garden season.  If you wish to be a supporting member of YCGC without having a plot in the coming year, you may simply fill out the online application form and pay your $10 membership payment to YCGC. Our online registration system does not send you a confirmation of registration. However, PayPal system does send a confirmation of payment. If you have not reapplied for your plot by mid-Feb we will probably send you a reminder email. If you plan to garden, it would be helpful if you read the emails that we send you. 

    We do not provide refunds if you decide to cancel your registration after making a payment. However, we will refund you if we are unable to place you in an acceptable garden plot.

  5. Fees summary
    $10 supporting member (no garden plot)
    $25 one person gardening 1/2 a plot
    $50 two people gardening a full plot. Additional members can register as supporting members

  6. There are now two ways to pay for your garden membership:
    • Pay online using PayPal: The button is located below on this page.
    • Cheque: Send a cheque with your payment by mail as soon as possible to the Garden Collective. The address is listed on the online registration form. Cheques are not cashed until a plot is assigned. 

  7. Attend the Annual AGM/Spring Social Event, which is usually held in April. All plots are assigned in the spring, before the Spring Social event. You can learn more about your specific garden site, meet your site manager, and network with other gardeners at the Spring Social. For information about the date and time of the Spring Social please check for the list of upcoming events and/or the latest newsletter from the News & Events page or email the garden at
  8. Contribute volunteer time throughout the season
  9. Subscribe to our newsletter The Community Garden uses Mail Chimp to distribute news about the Yellowknife Community Garden and other gardening related news we think you'll be interested in. It does not share or otherwise distribute your contact information. We periodically automatically add new gardeners to the newsletter. This us usually done in early-late spring.
  10. Plant, an essential element of a successful garden is planting sufficient seeds at the right time. This can be as early as May 24th weekend. However, if you have not planted by June 10th, you will be at risk of losing your plot. Your site manager will probably contact you to remind you. We need to do this because an empty plot is a weed producer and we don't want that.
  11. Tend, another essential element,this includes weeding and watering.
  12. Harvest, far too many people forget that this step is really essential to getting food from your garden. 

See the current status of registrations below. 

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