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Plot Allocation System

How Are Plots Allocated for the Yellowknife Community Garden Collective?

Each year at the Garden Collective, garden plots are allocated to gardeners 
according to the following system: 
  1. Gardeners submit their online registration and payment. Returning gardeners are required to apply and pay by February 28th of each year, if they would like to be given preferential 'returning gardener' status. We encourage all gardeners to apply as soon as possible, as plots are in high demand!
  2. In early March, a team of YCGC volunteers and the Volunteer Membership Coordinator meet for an evening to allocate registered gardeners to plots.
    1. Returning gardeners who have registered and paid by February 28th automatically are able to return to their same garden plot. Note: If you are a returning gardener, but your garden partner is a new gardener, the new gardener will not have 'returning gardener' status. 
    2. Once all returning gardeners who wish to have their old plots back have been allocated their plots, any returning gardeners who have requested a new plot location will be allocated their requested plot, if possible.
    3. Then, new gardeners are allocated a plot, in the chronological order they registered. 
    4. This approach is followed until each garden site is full. 

Plot allocation notes:
  • If it is not possible to allocate a gardener a plot in their #1 choice of site, then their #2 choice will be selected, etc. -- until the gardener is allocated a plot.
  • Some garden sites are in VERY high demand! For example, in the 2014 garden season, 63 people requested one of the 35 available gardening spots at Old Town Garden! Old Town Garden has many returning gardeners each year, and so there are very few new plots that become available each season.
  • Given the high demand for garden plots, if you think you may not be able to use your garden plot for some reason, please tell the garden board as soon as possible, so that your plot can be given to someone else!
  • The Garden Board members cannot do favours for people and let people skip the waiting list or be allocated a plot outside of this approach. It is very important to YCGC that it allocate garden plots in a fair and transparent manner each year.